1. It’s a FUN, DIFFERENT, AND COMPREHENSIVE way to show current clients exactly what happens at their events and promotions.

  2. When combined with a report a video gives a more complete view of an execution. It grants the client first hand experience of their promotion allowing them to see what does and doesn’t work.

  3. Through editing, direction and storyboarding a well crafted video report shows the HIGHLIGHTS OF A PROMOTION, casting a more favorable light on both the agency and the execution.


How can a video make everyone look good you ask?

  • Customers feel special when a camera is pointed at them and are more likely to have a favorable response (LOOK GOOD)

  • Promotion staff are more likely to perform better when in front of a camera.

  • Cameras attract attention, drawing more possible consumers to the event.

  • for a LOW COST, a video can hide problems that happened at the event/promotion and can actually make it look better than it actually did (sneaky but true)… which doesn’t only make your company look good to your clients, but your client will look good to there superiors (it’s a win win situation).

  • Then both, you and your client can upload the video onto your websites or online (the new TV) to show EVERYONE how well the promotion or event went!

…And then EVERYONE looks good!!